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Car Maintenance vs. Repair?


We can't emphasize preventive maintenance and regular scheduled maintenance enough!  Honestly, it is like taking care of your body.  Essentially if you eat healthy, you will most likely stay pretty healthy.  If you maintain and change your engine oil, fluids and follow your recommended service guidelines (refer to your owner's manual), your car should run smooth and be reliable for the life it was meant to last.  If you delay preventative or scheduled maintenance, you can shorten the life of your vehicle and will see wear and tear a lot sooner than expected.

Almost everyone understands the need of scheduled maintenance, like an oil change (LOF), and most people receive our reminders and schedule their LOF changes accordingly.  When it comes to suggested preventive maintenance for their vehicle, that $300 you are faced with to spend today to replace a worn front wheel bearing or warped rotor on your brakes, could become hundreds of dollars later down the road.  Not to mention the high safety risk that could be jeopardized later!

We also offer the following services:

A/C Cooling Systems
Check Engine and other Codes
Lube / Oil / Filter
Mufflers and Exhaust
Steering and Suspensions
Tune Ups
Used Car Purchase Checks

Why Choose Jays Kirkland Autocare Car Repair Services

Maintenance & Future Repair Checklist Planning

Since every vehicle is different we offer and suggest the following:

Safety inspections with every Lube, Oil and Filter that can help you watch out for maintenance issues and help you create your own prioritized checklist.

Used Vehicle Purchase Inspections are encouraged if you are buying a used car or just need to know what condition your existing vehicle is in, we can carefully check over your vehicle and give you a more extensive prioritized maintenance checklist.

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